Portugal: AEMPG

The Agrupamento Escolas Marinha Grande Poente (AEMGP) partners are eager to collaborate, understanding that professional study and improvement in education is important. At AEMGP, the teachers, administrative staff, and pupils cooperate very well together, and they have strong engagement with education stakeholders in the city, such as NGO’s. The school has good usage of digital equipment and competence of different languages taught at school. As part of this TfaST project, the AEMPG partners are aiming to develop innovative approaches to classroom activities, training and youth work, fostering provision and assessment of key-competences, including basic and transversal skills.

AEMPG teachers have particular expertise in working collaboratively, across disciplines. As a part of this project, they will lead in developing the handbook: “Looking at SDGs through diverse curricular lenses.”  The goal of this handbook will be to bring together teachers of different disciplines in order to address an overarching theme with their students. The foundation for these activities will be the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which have broad and far-reaching contexts that can be explored using various subjects. This approach will provide meaning and context for the individual subjects, as well as increasing learners’ awareness of the issues that face modern societies.

TfaST Portugal, seven lovely Portuguese teachers eager to work, share and cooperate with other eager European partners involved in the TfaST Project.
TfaST Portugal, uma equipa constituída por sete calorosos portugueses, inquietos e curiosos, dispostos a mergulhar no desafio TfaST.