Romania: LTVL

The Romanian teachers from Liceul Tehnologic Iorgu Vârnav Liteanu involved in the project belong to different curricular areas: Languages, Math, History, Geography, Citizenship/Economics, and Art. They have been involved in previous eTwinning and Erasmus+ KA2 projects. In addition they involve students in local and regional contests, as well as model lessons during teachers’ meetings. Teachers in our school take part in learning events and online seminars organized by the eTwinning platform in order to develop their professional skills.

Taking into consideration past history related to communism, the Romanian partners consider it highly important to promote activities and projects which aim at learning to live together in a democratic and multicultural society and enabling pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills to promote social cohesion, value diversity and equality, appreciate differences – particularly between different faith and ethnic groups – and settle disagreements and conflicts in a non-violent manner with respect for each others’ rights.

The Romanian teachers also have particular expertise and interest in determining how best to assess 21CL skills among students. They will be the lead partners in developing the handbook on “Approaches to Assessment: What can we assess, and how can we do it?” It will support educators’ development and dissemination of tools that are appropriate for the assessment of 21C competences, in order to support an approach to teaching and learning that values such skills.