Sweden: Rudsskolan

Rudsskolan is a school with a diverse, multi-cultural population of students: learners from all nations, and speakers of many languages, are integrated into the same classes. Equality is very important in our teaching. The teachers involved in this TfaST project are “Lead Teachers”: they specialise in different subjects: math, natural science and languages. They are very dedicated to their teaching, and they collaborate with other schools and colleagues in their process of developing their work.

The Rudsskolan partners at have expertise in teaching their students about sustainable development: they have focused a lot of our work on sustainable development based on the Global Goals by the United Nations.  As a part of this project, they will lead developing the handbook: Education for Sustainable Development: Creating Sustainable Societies across Borders; this handbook will aim to facilitate the creation of activities that enable participants “to constructively and creatively address present and future global challenges and create more sustainable and resilient societies” (UNESCO). Learners will collaborate, across international borders, to develop innovative approaches that address the UN SDGs.