Workshop 1: Dublin

The first 5-day teacher workshop was held in Dublin, Ireland in April 2018 at Trinity College Dublin. Teachers engaged in hands-on, creative professional development (PD) sessions: they learned about the Bridge21 model and made plans to implement this 21C approach in their schools — through teaching their colleagues and using the model in their own teaching. Teachers also participated in a Theory of Change activity to help engage them in thinking on a high-level about their involvement in the project — what do they hope they will achieve as individuals, partners, schools, etc.?

The workshop in Dublin also included a day at Stepaside ETSS, where the Stepaside partners organised several activities for the visiting teachers — classroom, observations, ‘teach-meets’, and workshops. They also arranged some visits to local tourist sites and activities! By the end of the workshop week, partners were energised about the project and prepared to make changes in their classrooms and schools.