Workshop 2: Germany

The second 5-day teacher workshop was held at Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Gymnasium (CFGG) in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, in September 2018. The CFGG project partners hosted 15 other project participants at their school for the week, sharing with them their schools’ best practices — as they relate to the aims of the TfaST project. TfaST teachers observed and participated in workshops; they focused on developing the use of the Bridge21 model for Sustainable Communication and Development for language and cultural exchange. They reflected on their progress to-date, and they worked toward the development and translation of lessons, resources and handbooks.

Teachers also had an opportunity to explore and learn about the greater community within which CFGG is located through cultural activities organised by the CFGG partners, such as the historic Torch-light-tour in Duisburg-Nord and a project-based scavenger-hunt in nearby Münster.